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Kid Wisdom

Today I had an awesome lunch date. Just me, and a friend’s daughter, who is 6. Dining with kids can be a source of great reminders for all of us. Here are just a few:

  • Everything is interesting…take a moment to admire the light fixture, the people, the food.

  • Potential friends are everywhere…smile and people will smile back.

  • Ask questions…you never know what you will learn.

  • Be excited about the stuff you learn.

  • Everything can be a game. Everything.

  • Talk more than you eat. Sure you are at lunch to quell the hunger but your brain is hungry too.

  • Sometimes the important stuff needs to be repeated, relived, and relished.

  • Be caring. Be helpful. Be kind. Be interested.

  • Assume people are wonderful, because they are.

Have more bits of wisdom you picked up from kids? Share with us in the comments! :)

Have an Outrageously Happy Day!

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©Jolie Engelbrecht 2014

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