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Are you feeling a bit like you are treading water? Want to DO something but don't know how or what? Are you stuggling with your goals? Do you even have goals? Do you ALMOST have your stuff together but need that extra push? Perhaps Life Coaching would help! Life & Executive coaching can provide you perspective, ignight your innate creativity and allow you to CREATE your life, not just exist. If you are ready for change I am here to help!  I  offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to figure out if Coaching is right for you! 

​​EnVision Coaching Packages

These 3/6/12 month Coaching packages include coaching Face to Face or via Skype or phone as availiable. . This will allow you to let you get a solid understanding of where you are, where you want to get to and create as many action plans as needed.Extra sessions within the timeframe availiable at a special rate. 

Certified Coaches Federation Workshops
I am honored to be one of the trainers for CCF. I offer both Open Workshops in the Seattle and San Francisco areas as well as Private workshops that will allow your leaders and managers to take thier coaching skills to the next level. For more information please visit
Outrageously Happy! Coaching Package

This year is about lasting Change!!! This includes up to 24 coaching  sessions ( more availiable at a great rate if required) This package will allow you to solidify your goals and put some of them into place and provides GREAT accountability as well as fabulous discounts on many of the live events I hold. 

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