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Coaching & Workshop Testimonials


The PVSD is an organization that is striving to become a High Performing School Division.... one of the characteristics of a High Performing Organization is that of Lived Interdependency. “ my work is for you and your work is for me” The Fish Philosophy encourages team members to Be There for each other. Through laughter and fun we learn to appreciate each other as people not just co-workers. Relationships that are built on trust result in better performance... “ if you have high trust then you will have high productivity”.. FISH helps build trust.


Ben Grebinski

Director of Education/CEO

Prairie Valley School Division


I attended the “Fish Philosophy” workshop just prior to Christmas vacation along with School Based Administrators, Central Office Staff and fellow Board Members. I was truly a remarkable experience. During the day we learned, we laughed, and became a better team because of it. The four philosophies that fish teaches during this one day are easy to remember and relevant to all aspects of life. The one philosophy that I continually remind myself of is “Be There”. In our busy world of home, work, and community responsibilities it is difficult to concentrate on the task at hand when you are being pulled in so many directions. That constant reminder has helped over and over. I encourage everyone to try “Fish” you will change the way you work and play because of it.


Janet Kotylak

Board of Education Prairie Valley School Division 

Box 1937, 3080 Albert Street North Regina,

Saskatchewan S4P 3E1 


PVSD website:


Just a quick note to let you know that I found yesterday to be very valuable experience. Our table (Seahorse) enjoyed the discussions and really get what you are talking about. I have been in Seattle and have experienced the Pike Place Fish Market and it really stood out to me at that time. It was something to see. Presenting to educators can be a tough job sometimes but I think you handled it remarkably. Thank you for spending your time with us and for giving us a sense of your wonderful spirit. Cheers! Have a great holiday season.


Lorrie Anne Harkness

Student Services Coordinator 

& Registered Psychologist

Prairie Valley School Division 



"Jolie, I want an ounce of your positive energy.  You are such a great person.  Thanks for reminding us to look at the lighter side of life and just enjoy the journey!"~Charlene P


"Can you bottle some of that "Positive" that you got going on, I could use a shot of that in my coffee. " ~Sheryl S


I know some of my friends would love this workshop. Jolie is one heck of an amazing woman and is very passionate. Please register for her workshop and learn a whole new you!!!~Carrie Lee Kane


Jolie is absolutely brilliant and very inspiring! If you feel like you're running in circles, be sure to check this even out smile emoticon ~Fanta Summers


 A great event held by a fantastic lady~ Angela Arthur


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